Amco Review of South African Kwazulu Shatter

This 100% sativa land race strain was used by the native tribe KwaZulu warriors to fight off the Brits for there sovereignty according to online source. You'll find is Osage shatter to be stable and lawfully purchased threw ark state ran system from house of cannabis Little rock

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Double Stuffed Shorbet

This product is made from a stain achieved by crossing Do-si-Dos X Sorbet cross. It is listed at 70% Indica dominate. The packing says its 71% THC. Amco High Opinion is that its great for distraction from pain and it didn't taste or smell as i expected but im pleased and would repurchases this.We will give it a grade of B on the effect for pain and ptsd.

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Sour Tangie – NSM – FestyPanda Reviews

An in-depth strain review of Sour Tangie Harvested on 10.28.20 In Arkansas by NSM.

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Amco Review of GG4 grown in house at High Bank

This sample was smoked in a Zig Zag King Slim unbleached. This allows the sour notes dance with the citrus kick of limonene and myrcene flavors. On the exhale of the sample a mild caryophyllene spice taste is noticed. The Biggest flavior observation is the cheese like flavior content. It's head and shoulders stronger then the Bold version of this strain.

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24k Bold Purple Ice Budder from High bank Quick reiview

Amco Quick Review of 24k Bold Purple Ice Budder from High Bank in Pine Bluff And how i think it helps my symptoms of ptsd and crps and chronic pain.

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AMCO’s Review of House Grown Rainmaker by High Bank ~

The effect is a 10! This may be one of the most effective Sativa dominate hybrid I have sampled for pain! I found it has some Indica like body effect to it as well. It didn't give an anxiety or paranoia effect in small doses. In a larger dose it became sedative and more of physical pain reliever. My pain was greatly reduced by the half gram joint, nerve pain lowered by 2 points and chronic pain by 3 points.

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Amco Review of High Banks in House Rainmaker Kief

The Nose is very strong on this sample. The Cheese notes and the mustiness too. witch may be caused from Ethylmethyl Acetic Acid, its known for its , acidic fruity, dirty, cheesy, fermented odor with the strong nuance of Roquefort cheese. It is used as a flavoring with a fruity, dirty, acidic flavor with a dairy, buttery and cheesy nuance. Amco Smell rating of 10

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King Crasher – Revolution Cannabis – Delta Medical

An in-depth strain review of King Crasher, genetics by Revolutions Cannabis, Grown by Delta Medical In Arkansas.

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Road to owning marijuana dispensary in Arkansas

Marijuana Millionaires

When voters approved medical marijuana in 2016, it created opportunities. Experts figure some 30,000 people will take advantage of the drug.

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CannabisExpertMD – Can The State Take My Child Away For Using Medical Cannabis?

CannabisExpertMD - Can The State Take My Child Away For Medical Marijuana?

Welcome to our new series called CannabisExpertLaw, were we will have William Ables discuss legal issues and question's associated with cannabis.

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Amco Quick Review of Scott’s OG

Check out the video , on Scotts og Crumble on my yo dabba dabba You will have to w3atch the video for its over all grades but this product might be used for ptsd symptoms that need calming and for pain symptoms both chronic and acute

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Extracting the Mystery from Counterfeit Cartridges

How To Spot Bootleg Cartridges

Bootleg isn’t all bad. Imposters aren’t all duds. Fakers can be educated. Trial and error, a catalyst for success. Jokes on me.

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