Stop Calling It “Marijuana”

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As a community that has one thing in common, medicinal cannabis, we need to all get on the same page about something. We have got to stop calling cannabis by all of  the slang words that are associated with it. Now I hate to be a buzz kill, no pun intended, but if we are wanting to negate the stigma that is attached to cannabis, we must stop calling it street names.

You might think calling cannabis by it’s street names isn’t a big deal, but let me make a point to you. When you got to the Doctor, he doesn’t call narcotics by their street name. Can you imagine? “Here is your hillbilly heroine (street name for Oxycontin).” You wouldn’t write down on medical paper that you are on “xannies” for your prescription of alprazolam. 

It may seem harmless to call it “ganja” or “mota” but if you want to be taken seriously as a medicinal patient, start calling your MEDICINE what it should be called, and that is cannabis. Even marijuana has a negative stigma at this point. We must call the plant cannabis, and the medicine cannabis, that is all there is too it.

If you are one of those people who are ashamed to tell people that you take cannabis, let this be the “aha” moment, and take charge of your treatment. If it is brought up somehow in a conversation, and you feel the need to say that you are on cannabis, say it without any shame.  Just like saying you take a Tylenol, or an Advil.  Don’t even take into consideration that the other person may be judging you!  The more you exude confidence in your medicinal cannabis treatment, the more you make a statement to people that “This is just fine”.  Don’t try and preach to them.  Just be matter of fact and be confident.

I hope that this article finds you well if you are a cannabis patient or if you are just curious about cannabis.  Please feel free to message me on Ark420com or through my social media listed on the website if you have any questions that I can answer about becoming a cannabis patient, as I am a cannabis patient myself. Just for fun, click here for a history of Cannabis slang words.

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  1. The best reply to this I’ve had in my inbox is “Hippie Lettuce”. Bravo 👏

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