How to Roll a Joint

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Learn an easy method to roll a joint with one paper. Once you have mastered this method rolling becomes so easy

Joints are one of the most common ways to consume cannabis across the world.

How to roll a joint – How to roll a cannabis joint:

Grind your cannabis. Using a grinder stops your hands from getting sticky and resinous and potentially ruining the rolling paper. This can be done in several ways if you do not have a grinder available. Scissors, breaking down cannabis by hand, and even coffee grinders can also substitute for a grinder.

Create a joint filter-tip. Thin cardboard, such as the kind found in business cards, is a go-to for many cannabis enthusiasts. Recently, many rolling paper companies are realizing the need for these filter-tips and are packaging them with their rolling papers. Roll your thin cardboard into a filter-shaped cylinder and place to one side.

Fill your rolling paper with your ground cannabis. One standard size rolling paper will usually fit 0.5-1 grams of cannabis inside. Once the rolling paper is filled, you may begin to shape the joint with your fingers. Whether you like evenly spread joints or baseball bat-shaped ones, you are able to get an idea of how your joint will look when it is rolled.

Once the joint is loaded and shaped, it is now time for the moment of truth, the rolling! Pinch rolling papers between fingers and gently roll back and forth to shape your joint into its final form. Starting with the filter-tip end, begin rolling your joint. Ensure the unglued side of the rolling paper is tucking under the glued side when rolling. Stick one end of the glued side of the rolling paper down using a little bit of saliva. A filter-tip becomes essential here, because it acts as a guide when the paper is rolling around itself. Work your way down to the other end of the joint, sealing the paper from end to end.

Finish your joint off. Pack the end of the joint down gently with a key or pen to ensure an even burn. Close the end of the rolling paper with a twist, store safely, or smoke.

Finally, pack the end of the joint to help ensure an even burn. A pen is great, but you can use just about anything. Some good options if you’re on the go: the tip of your shoelace, the drawstring on your hoodie, or a small stick. If you’re not planning on sparking your joint right away, you may want to close the tip with a twist.

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