How To Make Bubble Hash For A First Timer

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Like a lot of Canadians, I ended up with way more stash then I knew what to do with. I decided that I wanted to try and make ice hash or bubble hash, and so I purchased a washing machine style kit with a full set of bubble bags. The process itself is quite simple, but like anything it takes technique and practice to get very good results. This video will show you how to make bubble hash on your own, so you can turn your trash into stash!

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!



This year, Canadians could grow our own cannabis legally. I ended up with a lot more plant material than I figured I would. Over the weekend, we went out to Vancouver Island to make some ice water hash from our excess cannabis harvest. When we got out to the farm, it turned out everything was still untrimmed. We cleaned it up some that evening, froze it overnight, got chased by a giant Pterodactyl the next morning (true story, my dog Bruce saved us), and then started the process with a Bubble Bag Dude kit from Amazon and a ton of ice.

It was my first attempt at making concentrates, so this was a learning experience. For the first run we gave the tub a good cleaning, then added ice and our cannabis to the 220-micron bag. The more you let your material agitate the more trichomes you’ll get off.


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