This Company Makes Cannabis Products For Vaginas

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Health and wellness company Quim makes cannabis-infused oils and lubricants for people with vaginas.

In US news and current events today, Cyo Ray Nystrom is the CEO and co-founder of Quim. Quim aims to de-stigmatize conversations around sex, pleasure, health, and wellness with cannabis-infused products.

‘If I was 23 years old and my boyfriend was like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Or like, ‘Why are you,’ you know, ‘Why are you icing your vagina after we have sex? Or why are you like, running off to pee?’ I would’ve probably felt defensive or felt like I was being judged. And I think it takes two people, like one person being curious and the other person knowing that that curiosity is actually a symbol of wanting more intimacy.’

Quim markets its cannabis-infused products toward ‘humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.’

‘Our products are not for women. Our products are for people with vaginas. And I—that’s something that’s so important to me, because some of our most vocal advocates, from the very beginning, have been people who don’t identify as women, but do have a vagina. Trans men who are on testosterone, which will also have a big impact on your vagina, you might, if you’re taking T, you might experience more vaginal dryness, or you might be at an increased risk for vaginal infection. I can’t speak to that experience, but I know that I would feel pretty sh*tty if every time I went to use this product that was supposed to make me heal, and it said, like, ‘for ladies pleasure,’ or ‘for her pleasure,’ or ‘for her wellness.’

Before Nystrom founded Quim, she was disappointed by products billed to treat common infections like UTIs. She found some products actually worsened symptoms.

‘That first UTI actually started an 8-year cycle of UTI, yeast infection, UTI, yeast infection. That UTI traveled up into my kidneys, became a kidney infection, put me in the hospital. I had to do two rounds of antibiotics. And when you take antibiotics, they will take care of the infection that’s going on in your urinary tract infection—urinary tract, but they’ll also wipe your body of all of the good bacteria that fights off for, let’s say candidal vaginal yeast infections. So, when you take antibiotics, you are then exponentially more likely to get a yeast infection after that.’

Nystrom said some popular lubricants contain ingredients that can exacerbate infections. Quim’s products contain natural ingredients such as aloe, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, and of course, cannabis. Quim claims the cannabis can help treat pelvic pain, while the THC can intensify pleasure.

‘So, when cannabis is absorbed vaginally, specifically when THC is absorbed vaginally, it acts as a vasodilator, so it’s gonna increase blood flow to that area of your body. In essence, acting very similarly to the way Viagra works for people with penises.’

Nystrom said she finds some people often don’t talk about vaginal health with their partners because of shame.

‘As someone who has had these health issues, who is now creating a company and building a life around changing that for other people, I, you know, it’s my responsibility to talk about these things without shame. It’s my responsibility to, like, address my discharge, you know, and feel ok with it, because I think only through seeing other people do it that, you know, more and more women will get comfortable with it.’

San Francisco-based Quim’s THC products are available exclusively in California, while Quim’s CBD products are available nationwide.

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