How To Calculate The Dosage Of Your Edibles At Home

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How To Calculate The Dosage Of Your Edibles

What you will need to do this at home:

1 gram of Cannabis
Parchment Paper
Hair Straightener

Step 1: Calculate The THC % Of Your Cannabis (Skip to 4:08 if you assume THC % of 10%)

Step 1a: Make 2-3 pouches (3 preferably) out of rectangular pieces of parchment paper by folding it once from end to end along the longest side. Secondly, fold it twice along the folded edge, from the two sides into the centre. It makes it easier later in the process for these pouches to be about the size of the BUD you are using.
Use the steam from the boiling water in a kettle to bring it back to a spongy consistency.
Step 1b: Squish Your Cannabis 2-3 Times In The Parchment Pouches
Heat up your straightener and turn it off. Allow it to cool for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, down to about 200-230F(95-110C). Put your 1G of Cannabis into the bottom of the first pouch and begin to squish it in the straightener between the hot plates. Once it starts to sizzle, clamp it down for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Release the clamp and save the parchment. Repeat the process with the same 1G of weed in the other two pouches. Do not be afraid to heat the straightener back up, but always turn it off when squishing the Cannabis. Put the pieces of parchment along with a white plate into the freezer for 5-10 minutes.
Step 1c: Scrape The Extract
Grab a dab tool, butter knife or CLEAN flathead screwdriver and collect the resin by scraping it off the parchment. Use the plate to re-freeze the extract, and see what you missed on the paper.
You can find 3 quality dab tools made of stainless steel here:
Step 1d: Weigh The Collected Extract
Grab a small square of parchment paper and tare it on the scale so it shows a weight of 0.0Grams. Use your ringer and roll it on the parchment to get as much of it onto the paper, and put it on the scale.
A great scale to use is the Triton T3, it weighs up to 660Grams and has a durable exterior case for protection:
Divide whatever the scale reads by the 1Gram of Cannabis to calculate the THC percentage of that weed. Ex. 0.11G/1 = 0.11 or 11%

Step 2: Convert the THC Percentage to MG Per Gram

1Gram = 1000 Milligrams (MG)
Because we used 1Gram of Cannabis and calculated the THC %, we can multiply 1000MG by what the scale read (or the percentage in the form of a decimal) to discover the MG of THC per gram. Ex. 0.11 x 1000 = 110MG of THC per Gram

Step 3: Calculate The Total Number Of MG In Your Recipe

Whatever number of grams that has been INFUSED into your recipe, should be multiplied by the number of MG per gram to find how many MG’s of THC are in your entire recipe. Ex. 14Grams of Cannabis x 110MG per Gram = 1540MG’s in the recipe

Step 4: Find MG Of THC Per Serving

Divide the total by the number of servings in the recipe, whether it is in cookies, brownies, spoonfuls, bites, quarters, eighths, etc. Ex. 1540MG / 11 Cookies = 140MG of THC per serving (cookie).

Step 5: Never Green Out (OVERDOSE) On Edibles Again πŸ˜‰

Enjoy your edibles and stay safe!

We are not medical professionals. Please consult with a licensed physician before consuming a Cannabis infused food or drink.

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