The Start of a Journey -

Story: The Start of a Journey

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Cannabis. The name alone brings hushed whispers and side eyes among crowds. Reefer, Ganja, Dope. No matter the name cannabis is often painted in a negative light. I on the other hand stand firm in my belief that cannabis is not just your stereotypical drug.

I invested my time in educating myself on cannabidiol. CBD for short. I read testimonial after testimonial of how CBD had helped many. I researched science pages. Read medical journals and they all led to the same conclusion.

The benefits of CBD are outstanding, from anxiety, insomnia, depression to chronic pain, CBD alleviated all these struggles. To build the foundation I wanted for my daughters I decided to let Mother Nature be my supplier. I chose the name “Tres Hermanas” to represent my three daughters, after all they are the basis of my small company. I chose the triangles as my logo because in nature the triangle is the strongest shape in creation. Those three triangles also represent my daughters for they are where I find my strength.

I hope that my products can do for others what they have done for me. If that’s dealing with aches, anxiety or depression then I have done my part in a raw and organic way. I’m very excited to be a part of this industry. My goal is to not only be successful but to also inspire others to go against the wave. Create, Dream and most importantly Live.

Author: Deidra Bernard

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