Discouraging Teen MJ Use

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How to Discourage Teen Marijuana Use? Views on marijuana are slowly but surely changing, with the increasing use of the substance for medical purposes and growing efforts to decriminalize recreational usage. However, social acceptance or legalization do not automatically make a substance safe, and marijuana carries a wide range of health risks, especially for teens who are still growing physically and emotionally.

Also, despite changes in laws, it is still illegal for a teen to possess or use marijuana recreationally in every U.S. state. Whether you’re trying to prevent a teen from trying marijuana, or working to help him or her quit using, approach the situation with compassion, persistence, and ample information on the risks of marijuana use. Start the conversation sooner rather than later. As with most potentially awkward conversation topics you need to broach at some point with your child — alcohol, tobacco, sex, etc. — it is best to initiate the discussion earlier than you think is necessary. While the majority of teens never smoke marijuana, those that do try it may begin even before they are officially “teenagers.”

Many experts on the topic advise that you begin talking about the dangers of drug use by the time your child is ten or eleven years old. Don’t give a lecture, though; start a real dialogue with your child. Start by asking questions — “Do you know what marijuana is?” “Have you ever heard kids talking about it in school, or heard people talking about it on TV or movies?” “What do you think marijuana does to someone?”. This can help reduce awkwardness, give you a better idea how to continue approaching the subject, and spur an ongoing conversation with your child.

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