Natural Stars in the Natural State: Featuring Hippie Hounds Treats

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As we move forward into our new year, the Arkansas Cannabis Club would like to begin a showcase of exciting, Arkansas-based cannabis businesses. Arkansas is home to many talented entrepreneurs who are deserving of recognition and support as we push to put Arkansas on the cannabis industry’s map. We begin our series by shining the spotlight on a business geared to helping some of our “furbabies” lead a more healthy, productive life. Join us as we pay tribute to hard-working Arkansans leading the way for cannabis in 2020.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you most likely have heard about cannabis’ potential to help with many common diseases.  Most Americans are at least marginally familiar with one of cannabis’ most-recognized ingredients, CBD.  CBD’s effects and benefits to our endocannabinoid system (ECS) are becoming better researched.  As prohibition is gradually relaxed, more and more Americans are becoming familiar with the positive historical track record cannabis has with medical use in humans.  Animals in general have also been found to have endocannabinoid systems and can potentially benefit from cannabis, including dogs.  One Arkansan, Andrea Harris, has personally experienced the benefits of CBD use with dogs. Owner and CEO of Hippie Hounds Treats, Andrea is no stranger to working and handling dogs.  As a teen she discovered a passion for dog care, leading to a satisfying career as a veterinarian technician.  With beginnings in veterinarian general practice, her career soon evolved into her real passion: animal emergency and critical care.  Along with her technical practice, Andrea enjoys handling and showing dogs, and it was here that she stumbled on the true potential of CBD to help dogs with anxiety and pain.  While handling one of her dogs considered unshowable due to aggression, she fed the dog a portion of an edible CBD cookie.  The dog miraculously calmed and was able to participate in the dog show with no further aggressive displays.  Another CBD experience involved successfully calming and kenneling one high-strung dog, allowing its broken hip to heal without further injury.  These discoveries have placed Andrea on a path to business ownership as she works to bring this same benefit to all dog owners with Hippie Hounds Treats.  Utilizing cannabis medication to benefit our furry friends is not a stretch for this cannabis activist and patient. As an avid outdoors person (often found hiking and kayaking), natural, dependable ways to care for animals is a priority with Andrea.   Plans for her CBD treats include using all-natural ingredients and a dosage choice of 5mg or 10mg per treat.  The treats will contain a full spectrum formulation with minimal amounts of THC (mandated less than 0.3% by law) and will include many other dominant and minor cannabinoids.  Hippie Hounds Treats are made utilizing cannabis sourced and processed in our state by Natvana extractions.  The company’s CBD formulation will be 3rd party lab tested by Steep Hill Laboratories for product purity.   Hippie Hounds is currently raising crowdfunding capital on to proceed with the company’s next development stage.  All funds will go toward packaging and logo development, initial product potency testing, and packaging supply costs.  The next major step for Andrea and Hippie Hounds Treats is market validation and product effectiveness testing.  Her plans include a study to prove product effectiveness.  Study plans are being made in consult with leading veterinarians.  Also plans are to mirror a leading study by the Pennsylvania State University of CBD use in dogs with osteoarthritis.  Initial treat packages will include a patient journal to document each study dog’s progress.    As mentioned above, crowdfunding activities have just started.  Fundraising goals have been set to raise $5,500 by March 7, 2020.  Any and all contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Reward packages are also available for “purchase” with certain levels of donation.  These packages include many goodies such as stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts and swag, and free dibs on a bag of treats when ready.  Larger packages include top rewards such as receiving a professional photo shoot featuring your doggy friend and being showcased on the upcoming Hippie Hounds business website!  Join the Arkansas Cannabis Club in welcoming this exciting new addition to Arkansas’ small business industry at   

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