Amco Product Revew: Ooze Slim Twist Pro

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Amco Product Review: Ooze Slim Pro

Ooze Slim Twist Pro has an 320 MAH battery that adjusts between 3.3-4.8 volts, dual Quartz wax atomizer with two spare coils. The package also includes a smart USB charger and a dabber tool. The back panel of the package reads click 5 times to turn on or off. A fast double click to this pen style battery turns on a 15 second preheat mode which you can stop one time to end the preheat mode.

Ooze Slim Pro

The block that goes into the electrical outlet is not included but the USB charger that comes with it plugs into a standard USB wheither it be computer, cell phone charger or whatever you have available. I was able to take a couple low temp hits from it straight out of the box before it needed charging. After only 40 minutes it showed a green light letting me know it was fully charged. I used the tool provided to put about 1/28th of a gram in the bottom chamber of the tank directly on the quartz bars that are wrapped in a conductive wire coil that sits on a porcelain bowl. After charging it ran flawlessly hit after hit all day.

The twist feature allows me to adjust the power so I can control the harshness and the expansion of the vapor that fills my lungs. Compared to a torch and banger or torch and nail set up, the control makes the use of concentrates easier or the throat and lungs. It hits very much like a cartridge. If you’re familiar with the cartridge method of delivery, I would definitely suggest this unit. The size of this device is the size of an ink pen and it just a basic black color which makes ot very discreet. Ooze also has a lanyard that fits the device so you can put it around your neck and slip it inside your shirt. I would use this device in situations where a glass tank system like the double bubble would draw unwanted attention. The coils on the two different tanks comparatively work the same way and when looking down into the coil looks exactly the same. But from the outside is completely different.

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Amco Sponsored By: Ooze

I know I can get replacement coils for the double bubble locally for $5 each and they normally last for about a month. I think that the coils for the Slim Twist Pro would be an item you have to buy at You can enter 420AMCO for 10% off your purchase. I sought out Ooze because i know their products to be of top quality and am proud to say I am Ooze product ambassador. Overall I give the Ooze Slim Twist Pro a 9 out of 10 for the ease and efficiency of what it meant to do. Price wise, it is inexpensive compared to other devices that perform the same task. The battery life good especially for the size. I hit it about 25 times before it needed to be charged again. I definitely recommend this device to new patients or for the pro that wants to be incognito.

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