Amco Product Review: Ooze Bowser 2 in 1 Glass Pipe

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Amco Product Review: Ooze Glass Pipe
Ooze Bowser 2 in 1 Glass Pipe

Today we discuss the #Oozelife a little more with the review of Ooze Bowser Silicone Glass Pipe. It comes in 6 color options for $14.99 plus tax at the Ooze website. There is a link and promo code for 10% in the comments. There are many things about this pipe that make it different than your average pipe. It’s modular so you can use the borosililcate glass chamber or remove it to make the piece smaller. I recommend using the chamber because it is ideal for collecting resin on a bud you can place inside the chamber. Tenured patients may remember the metal chamber pipes from many years ago. But then the medication you would dig out of them may have been so strong that you forgot!

I placed a 2 gram nug of Arkansas Grown Apple Sherbert produced by Natural State Medicinal in the chamber. It no longer smells good but after a week or two, I will have some excellent sleepy time medication with a sativa dominate base. I can’t wait! The silicone is heavy duty and of better quality than the pieces I have seen from other brands as well. The borosilicate screened glass bowl insert pops in and out of this hand piece. I didn’t realize how convenient it makes loading and how much it improves the smoking experience. Surprisingly, it tastes like smoking threw glass despite the silicone mouthpiece. For usefulness this pipe rates 10 out of 10! It serves its purpose and I haven’t found any flaws. The design rates 9 out of 10. The necessary glass and lightweight silicone is a winner for sure. It’s just the right size and fits in my hand like a baby in a craddle.

Durability rates at 6 out of 10. You can drop this piece in the floor and it will bounce. The first time! The second time I dropped it, the glas chamber shattered. I was able to get a new one from the website for $6 and will use a silicone guard on it to keep from breaking it again.

Overall the Ooze Bowser Silicone 2 in 1 Glass Pipe rates 8.3 out of 10. I did find that after retrieving my bud and cleaning up the broken glass, the pipe does function without it but the mouth peice does seem to fit the glass chamber better than the silicone to silicone shortened version. This quickly became by every day pipe.

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