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SGT PETERS is a local pipe maker located in Arkansas! He reached out to Ark420 to show us his products and we fell in love and thought “what a wonderful idea!”. After he showed me his products I knew I had to show other’s what he had going on with his unique and creative product. So check out his story and go check him out on social media… super cool dude!



In 1991 somewhere in Iraq/Northern Saudi, Sgt Peterson ran over his Captains only pipe with a howitzer! During Desert Storm .

MacAuthor – The workhorse of the Army. A good all-arounder.

SGT Peterson quiokly rounded up what he could find and made his captain “Cliff Mosier” a small pipe out of a few ammo casings. This got his captain by til another pipe could be ordered from the states.

Scud – This private knows how to get small, hides well and carries enough rations for a days journey,

Nearly 30 years later the story of the infamous pipe resurfaced at a military reunion and SGT Peterson decided to patent the pipes design and make them available to the general public. Captain Mosier also thought it was a brilliant idea and so was born the idea of Sgt Peters.

Tomahawk – Slightly larger than the Staff Sgt. The extra trips through the chow line are starting to pay off!

Our pipes are handmade with pride by combat veterans in America so please help us get started by showing your support and trying our product if you find the need or know of someone who would appreciate one or a few of our fine brass selections made from top quailty brass.

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