An Exclusive Chat With A Top Level Cannabis Industry Insider for Arkansas..

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Exclusive Chat With Top Level Cannabis Industry Expert about Arkansas Cannabis Shortage

I had the pleasure of having a conversation today with a high level insider for Arkansas medical cannabis. But first let me step back and discuss the current situation in Arkansas cannabis. Right now patients are noticing a shortage of marijuana flower. The part of the cannabis that users smoke. Social media has blown up with ideas that certain cultivators are only going to sell to certain dispensaries or cultivators are suing each other to prevent the other’s from selling cannabis. I’ve even had other insiders tell me that deliveries aren’t showing up on time or even at all.

Now I can’t comment on the deliveries because my insider was not aware of the problem. But what I can say is that the rumor that all the cultivators are suing each other to prevent access to products is FALSE. In fact from what I’ve been told, the first three cultivators who were selling in Arkansas which are Bold, Natural State Medcinals, and Osage Creek are ALL ramping up their production and expanding their operations. I’ve also been told that an abundant amount of product is just over the horizon. This would be great news for patients which could lead us to seeing possible lower prices in the future.

As far as the new cultivator Delta is concerned, they WILL be selling to ALL dispensaries. They do have ownership in two current dispensaries in Arkansas, which is not uncommon apparently in this state. Hence as they begin getting their products out, they went to the stores that they had relationships with. That’s just business. I would have done the same as a cultivator. But I have been assured that they will be selling to all the dispensaries and patients will have access to Delta medicine all over the state. An interesting fact I also found out about Delta is that they currently hand-trim all of their flower.

When I asked about adding more cultivators to the state of Arkansas, I was informed though that how the current amendments stand that without a significant vote from the population of Arkansas in one of the election years, that it would just be impossible for more cultivators to come in. Unless we see legalization nationally, Arkansas will NOT have any chances of getting new cultivators until minimum of 2022 if someone presents a new amendment to be voted on.

What you should take away from this article is that Arkansas medical marijuana program is still relatively new. We are going to see the “kinks” being worked out and sometimes we may run into hiccups. After talking to this person, I feel that the industry is trying its best to catch up. Hopefully this fall when we see Travis Story leave office, we get someone in there who actually has some knowledge about marijuana and patients and does a better job of oversight. With shortages hit most industries, the cannabis industry isn’t immune to covid-19 either. We must all be patient and try to keep the negativity minimal because when it’s all said and done, it won’t help anyone. So know that there is hope on the horizon for cannabis patients in Arkansas, even in this crazy year of 2020.

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