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21.1% THC – .035% CBD
Fort Cannabis Co
$45 – 1/8th 

Delta Cannabis: Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is an evenly balanced hybrid strain, 50% Indica 50% Sativa bred by Revolution Cannabis and Grown By Delta Cannabis. The parent’s being Ghost OG and Triangle Kush. This strain lives up to its name because you can bet your bamboo loving booties I was lost and didn’t want to come back! 

Delta is one of the few first approved cultivators to have originally been approved to have yet produced UNTIL NOW! With this being the first strain I wanted to try out as it wasn’t quite time for a full Indica strain. I will say this is the quality and presentation that should have been coming out to begin with. Delta has now surpassed any current cultivator with a presentation. Shown in the above picture is the full Eighth. These buds are perfectly trimmed to the point I couldn’t decide which one to smoke for this review because I want to take pictures of all of them! They left that cannabis sticky icky feeling on your fingers and reminded me of home, Cali. 
Presentation: 10/10 

Delta Cannabis: Bermuda Triangle
Delta Cannabis: Bermuda Triangle

If you ever wondered what the perimeters of the Bermuda Triangle may smell like, well it’s a pleasant and sweet pine with a hint of Diesel and an undertone of slight citrus that makes you wanting it to be made into a car freshener. The smell itself was underwhelming though.
Smell: 8/10

I switched it up this time and smoked out of my 8.5” honeycomb perc water pipe, no ash catcher. This has to be one of the SMOOTHEST flowers I’ve ever smoked. I was able to load bowl after bowl after bowl when I remembered, and my throat feels the same if not better than before. Upon exhale, you could really taste the hints of diesel and makes you feel like you’re burning coal with the amount of smoke you just exhaled.
Smoke: 10/10

What was I talking about? OH YEAH! I truly feel like I am lost inside the Bermuda Triangle. I kept wanting to smoke more but kept forgetting I wanted to smoke more! The high really hit me in the temple area and above the eyes for a nice almost couch locking effect. It made me smile bigger and bigger and my energy levels rose. Even though I was feeling energetic I could feel myself somewhat nodding in and out! THE PERFECT YING YANG STRAIN! It almost felt as if I was floating and that song by modest mouse kept playing in the back of my head and made the euphoria even better. It also helped with my headache I was having at the time and I completely forgot I had knee pain. I also noticed that it didn’t increase my appetite AT ALL.
Effects: 10/10

Delta Cannabis: Bermuda Triangle
Delta Cannabis: Bermuda Triangle

In conclusion, if you want a long-lasting clear-headed super well-balanced one fix all type of strain this would be the go-to! Note this wouldn’t be recommended for the easily overwhelmed patient as it does hit pretty hard in the effect department. The main uses for this strain would be insomnia, migraines, nausea, and pain relief. I would also like to say that Delta has truly stepped up the cannabis market in Arkansas. I am super excited to write a review on the Sun King OG I was also able to pick up and future strains coming from Delta! 

OVERALL: 10/10

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