FestyPanda’s – Atlantic Kush – Bold Cultivation – Review

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FestyPanda’s Atlantic Kush Strain Review.

Atlantic Kush Floating Nug By FestyPanda

Atlantic Kush 14% THC – 0.024% CBD
Bold Cultivation
Fort Cannabis

Wooow… woooowww…. wow… How did I get up this high? Is the exact feeling you get when you take several hits of this strain therefore you better buckle up because you are in for a ride!

This Atlantic Kush was grown by Bold Cultivation. I was able to get an eighth of this and I can say I wished I had more. First, we will go over the contents of the jar. I received about 3 medium-sized nugs with 2 smaller sized nugs weighting exactly 3.5 Grams. All having 2 tones of green almost turning yellowish with bright orange hairs. On the underside and part of the bud near steam throughout the entirety of each bud, you could see nice deep purple. The trim on these nugs is very solid and pleasing to see. I can not judge this yield on its cure because this strain had been sitting at Fort Cannabis for a bit which could have been because of the lower THC percentage of 14%. No seeds or reminisce of seeds in these buds.

Close Up Of Atlantic Kush

The aroma the buds of this strain gave off was not very strong but was extremely pleased when I was able to really pinpoint a smell that is… Firstly the aroma given like mentions was not very strong it gave off a Citrus Candy mixed with Pine. Kinda like a Lemon Honey Halls but Medicated. On inhale, you can truly taste that classic kush flavor. On the exhale you can really taste the citrusy candy that I was smelling.

However, with a small yielding THC percentage of this strain, this Kush would definitely put you down deep at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Starting with a shower of euphoria, that institutes within a minute,  making your eyes roll to the back of your head you then start to feel yourself slowly lift as a cloud has been placed under yo booty and it’s taking you up up and away. You then start to realize that almost everything seems a little funnier even if it’s not. You originally start to feel it around your eyes and the facial region as the deep body relaxing and pain-relieving effect amalgamates through the rest of your body. Be ready to start munching on some food also!

Super Macro Of Atlantic Kush by FestyPanda

In conclusion, with its crosses from Bubba Kush, Legend OG, Triangle OG, and Star Dawg. This strain gives you that pain-relieving effect you need to combat whatever it is that is hurting. I would highly recommend this strain for Pain, Insomnia, Euphoria, Relaxation, Hunger, and Nausea. You can even enjoy this mid day as the sleep affect is not over powerful during the day. I enjoyed mixing this with some South African Kwazulu, be on the lookout for that strain review in the next coming week!

Thank you for reading my strain review I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think and what you may want me to review next!


✌️ As Always, Stay Medicated ✌️

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