The Activist Life of Little Rock’s Guidance Moon

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Guidance Moon, of Louisiana, is a professional patient advocate based in Little Rock. She is now eligible to work anywhere in Arkansas, as an assistant to a lead cultivator at an entry-level status. She has an Arkansas Medical Card and sought out a cultivation training program. When I met her she advised she had the intention to set herself up for a lifetime of advocacy to the point of changing her name to reflect her intentions.

Guidance obtained her “Cannabis Cultivation Certificate” from Leafy Green Agency, founded by Vanessa Niles, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Students learn how to treat and recognize cannabis ailments, and ultimately, how to create an excellent crop. Guidance depends on cannabinoids for various health challenges.

I wanted to highlight Guidance because, in just one year living in Arkansas, she fearlessly dove right into the pool and stays motivated in multiple business visions. She also has been continuously posting videos and live streams to Arkansas NORML Facebook pages in support of the increasingly unified medical and recreational marijuana movements. She is the biggest video influencer on the AR Norml Facebook page. That’s how I noticed her, as an AR Norml member myself. She let me interview her outside of a high rise during her lunch break.

“I definitely want to own my own Cannabis store, I will continue to perform patient advocacy, for people interested in cannabinoids as medicine, and for those simply experimenting with medical cannabis as an alternate treatment for modern relief”. 

“I’m a mother, I work full time, I manage my own health and the health of others, I don’t have time to be down. I need cannabinoids, and I need it to trust medical quality, which is why creating quality product is at the forefront of my dreams. Until quality can be expected, just like an infusion would be, we have a serious problem with quality in our state. I want to support that change. I’m ready to assist cultivators and hope someone out there needs a me, because I am always in motion.”

It was a pleasure learning from Guidance’s politely unapologetic, transparent, and professional nature. Guidance had a concise answer on any topic regarding the vast world of cannabis and she bravely shares her personal world with the internet on a weekly basis. On parting, she mentioned, “Just out to inspire and share love, simple as that.”

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