Craft Batch #2 Hits Shelves @ HBC Co. & making Kief Discs

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Unapologetically the Best

Quality consistency is godsent. Cannabis is a crucial plant to grow and cure correctly, and the small-batch craft production team at High Bank Cannabis Co. keeps on delivering what you can tell is a clean medicine. Their second in-house grow ever, WOW.

Strains Grown: Queen Mother Goji and Cookies & Chem.

QMG is actually a blend of classic landrace strains from Nepal and India. In plant talk this strain is a species of plant that developed over time through adaptation due to isolation from other populations of the species. Cookies & Chem strains sold out quickly, they did have kief from each strain in grams and half grams as of 4/2/21. The QMG had a cherry flavor that was really prominent compared to other berry strains I’ve tried. Both flowers had a billowy plume, my favorite grading area.

To sample these plants I combined flower and kief into a tiny chillum designed for kief, that I found at Abby Road. I took one hit every half hour for mood support. I wanted to think, create, hustle. While marijuana sans kief still contains cannabinoids, the resin glands that develop on flower buds pack the biggest punch. I made a plan to top an indica flower with a hybrid kief from a strain known for brain support, Cookies & Chem. I made the plant matter into kief discs – sometimes known as kief pucks, are small circular discs made of compressed cannabis crystals. If you have a kief press at home, you can easily create these discs at home. The best way to approach testing out your kief discs is to break the disk into smaller pieces for smoking, but plenty of people prefer to smoke the whole disc at once. As with all quality craft grows, I found this to be a sustained and productive relief physically and mentally.

Product pictured: Cookies & Chem Kief by HBC

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