Amco First Visit to Hash&Co Pine Bluff Arkansas

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Hash&co Located at 110 Grider Feild Ladd Rd Pine Bluff Arkasnas 71601 is what you pop in to your navigation and it will lead you strait to this upscale dispensary. If you wanna order online first you can access there menus at You may also find there are 3 pillars of this dispensary listed on the logo on there web site.. First one is Patients over profits, 2nd Healthy plants make healthy people. 3ed Thay promise personalized service every time. You will find there web site neat and easy to navigate. Click here to visit there website

Security and Procedure

Once you arrive you will notice their parking lot and entrances are all ADA Compliant with lots of close parking for us mobility impaired. Once you exist your car you’ll need to present your Arkansas cannabis card to the camera and buzz the door bell by the sally port style lockout. I did this and the person from inside said thanks for coming and a guard opened the heavy door for me letting me in

.The first room i am in is large and rectangular with plenty of Dr office style seating for thoes whom need firm support and some softer casual styled seats as well. An ATM machine is on site so you have no need to carry cash if you dont want to. Please remember some ATM wont allow you to deduct but a certin amount per day. On one end of that room is a receptionist whom has one sheet of paper for you to fill out and on to the show room you go.

The Showroom

Frosted Glass Doors separate the large rooms The showroom is a multiple lane set up with high end feel that reminds me of a a jewelry store. Top quality flooring, Muted colors scheme, lots of Glass and flat black paint, makes for a clean ascetic. The walls are a little are at the moment but i was assured there was more to come for the motif.

Something I Dont Think I Ever Seen ?

Now to the more important parts, I seen something in this dispensary i have never seen in a dispensary in the state. And it says something about Hash&Co. Not only was there a seating along the walls but a stool was brought out to the show case for me to set on wile our transaction and conversations were made. That is not the unusual thing as much as its appreciated .THERE WERE SEATS FOR THE BUD TENDER. That tells me a couple things about H&C ,They care about not only the comfort of the patient whom is paying them, but for the employees that they are paying as well.

You may be asking your self why do i care if the bud tender is got a chair?And ILL TELL YOU! Most the people in the industry are fighting disability or limitation them self. You and I rely on them to be knowledgeable on terpenes and cannabanoids and delivery systems. Mechanism of function of these isomers to aid you in your self treatment of your symptoms threw your endocanabanoid system . Sort of like you do your pharmacist to know his stuff so you dont mix the wrong meds. You need be able find out why a strain created a effect for you or didn’t. These Bud tenders state wide need to be able to not only know the information but be comfortable enough to not have brain fog do to there own pain or issues.

How They Do Business

I spoke with Hayden first. He and I spoke about his knowledge of terpenes. We discussed both our symptoms and conditions then shared which terpenes that best relive those symptoms. He told me a little about his background this is the second dispensary he has worked at and you all may have seen him at Good Day Farms in Little Rock. Shortly in our conversation i meet Grace I dont remember if we discussed any terpene profiles ill have to pick her brain next visit.

They package your medication in a brown paper sack and staple the receipt to it. This is not real Flashy style wise but that is not my worry I like cheap prices over flashy stlye. The only thing in thier process I am concerned about is that the product its self (the cannabis can in this case) Doesn’t have a sticker on it with the mandated information for labeling like my name and dd and batch number.

Dont get me wrong they place this info on the receipt that they staple to your product so there in compliance. But im not sure should if I open that brown bag smoke a joint out of it today, and then travel tomorrow and get caught with that can with out my name and dd number on it it may land me in hot water? Its widely debated if patients must keep there products in a named, labeled child safe container or just a child safe container. Case precedence hasn’t been reached to my knowledge. Click here to fallow Amco on Fb

Cultivation ?

Hash&Co will be having a in house grow. I tryed to pry a Growers name out of them but There was not a open answer im not sure if they have hired a cultivator yet so you folks that can grow might wanna check on that. Me Hayden Grace and Mr Adam Grimmitt ( i think he may be one the owners??) talked about the need for a more broad range of terpene profiles in the state of Arkansas. Im hopeful when thay bring there grow to fruition there strain choice brings terpenes and cannabanoids that are not currently available. That will show a lot twords there stance of patient over profits. As lot of great cannabis medications dont produce large weights at lowest cost and lets be honest money tends to rule the market and that means if it dont yield high lot a places wont grow it.

Compassionate Care Plan

Mr Adam Explained to me that with the hustle and bustle of business they missed a ABC deadline on the Cc Care plan. So to take care of his patients he is using a what he described as “aggressive pricing”. He assured me that he is working a plan that will help a broad amount of people he just has to wait to get it threw the state before he could be implemented.Till then he plans on just competing with the Prices.

What you get ?

I done a little comparative shopping before i went. I Like to see who has the same products and the same or better prices. Weedmaps application and websites make this super easy to do. I do need to caution you though. The prices for Hash&Co are Pre -Tax. I was still able to purchase a strain that i find very capable of easing pain with its terp profile that is most commonly Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, D-Limonene. I was able to get NSM’s Pre pack Commerce City Kush at a lower price then i could anywhere else in Pine bluff even after the 4.20c taxes it still came in under market for this specific item.

To be clear one can buy cannabis of another strain cheaper in the city but not this product. Some call me a optimist but i see a price war on the horizon in Pine Bluff And Patients will be the ones who benefit. Patients in Arkansas are wising up more by the day to things like local stores not carrying the same strains so hay dont have to compete apples to apples. Most know that the cultivation restriction is the cause of our heart burn for the most part but some markets in the state dont carry the same products at all and that is suspect as hell. Im glad i haven’t notice this in the Pine Bluff market and hope to see just the opposite.

Amco High Opinion

I got top notch service .Ever single person i seen in the building spoke to me. Every single person i seen in the building offered to help me in some manner be it open a door , or hand me a clip board , or get me a chair, or help me choose a strain. I just dont think there was a way thay could have improved the service.

I been in many dispensary where it felt like any shopping transaction you would have on any regular day. That is hard to stop from happening too with the kinda numbers of patients that move threw a dispensary in a state that is throttled the access points for lawful cannabis. So Far Hash&Co set the bar for friendliness. I’m a talker If you look and me and dont speak well that not customer service and that didn’t happen here , Insert DAD joke here……… Like Arnold ..”I’ll Be Back” CODE 420amco for 10% off

About AMCO_patient_oo7

Little Back ground on my self ,i am a dyslexic medical cannabis patient that has fought threw life for more then 20 years in pain after a string of botched spine surgery .I have been prescribed just about every thing you can think of that is for controlling pain or that the drs thought may have a side effect to help control a symptom caused by 4 failed operations of the spine from Therasic 10 to the Sacrum 1 ,(bout half my spine) that has left me unable to do much of anything sence the failed fusion threw out Lumbar region . I have broken implementation in my spine , im non surgical at the moment tho i need two operations or combo surgery sometimes called , alfit and tlift .surgery on the front of the spine threw my gut and then replacement of instrumentation from the back side the spine as well.So to say i have complex intractable pain is a understatement. From bull toothache type pain radiation form the bones and screws to the nerve pain that shoots from my waist to different location in the rump leg and foot. I have hypersensitivity of the trunk from center line of my back above the spine to midline under my arm.This area of CRPs (complex regional pain syndrome) effects my rear thigh and saddle area at times.I been on a cane most my life and that ruined a shoulder and my ankle on the same side is damaged goods as well. Enough about what hurts for now and lets get into why im exspaling what symptoms i live with and have for over half my life. Pain Management in Arkansas , wow is it a labyrinth at best . I spent so long on opioid care that i was a opioid patient before the term pain management even existed i think. From Fyntinle to tramadol i have had it all one time or another. today im on 240 MME (morphine medical equivalent) less Medications then this time last year yet my condition is deteriorated and continues to daily. I found my self being told to consider implants of computers to shock my spinal cord or pumps to implant in my spine in order to continue to receive opioids control of a life debilitating immobilizing pain that is ever day life for a person whom spine has been cut in half and screwed back together.Over the years i have had to allow my spine to be injected my nerves to be burnt all these procedures that didnt work but had to consent to or not receive you relief for pain.Well the state of arkansas decided that patients could use medical cannabis for a list of symptoms and i am the lucky guy to have more then a couple of those. I hope to answer questions by direct message on the topic of medical use , as best to what my experiences are for all the people of arkasnas whom are on this path cannabis and natural medican s . Many loosing opioid care left no where to turn but to cannabis. I will tell you here from time to time what canna products have helped and have not helped me with my symptoms and maybe it will help educate the masses
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