Amco medical review of Suite 443 in-house farmed Notorious THC

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Label information

The Cobalt Blue powder coated glass jar has a see through bottom and a faux wood top. Jars slightly shorter then other jars on the market. Its texture feels high-end in your hand. The label States Steephill tested this sample on August 13th. The crew at Suite 443 harvested this sample September 26th. The THC tested at 29.07%. With a minimal amount of CBD testing at .06%. These are 1/8 ounce jars.


The three buds and one small piece of Bud makeup this 3.5 gram sample. The flowers are dense in nature true to the Kush bud shape. Exterior trichomb heads all intact this was obviously hand trimmed to perfection. Coloration is a forest green hue with spots of burnt orange pistil coverage. Amco high opinion on appearance 9 of 10.


Today is day 11 of my battle with covid-19. It’s left me struggling to smell. A you all know Amco is what I do for purpose to help with my mental health. So I’m going to push through being nose blind I will give you secondhand information on the scent of this strain. After passing the jar around it seems those around me perceive the scent to remind them of a permanent marker. A lightly chemical sent. This phenomenal genetic is known to carry a terpene profile reminiscent of jet fuel or wet paint according to Humboldt seed Company. Being that I cannot smell I regretfully give you a second hand scent report opinion of 9 also can’t wait to try this strain after I have my senses back. The point reduction is due to one mentioning smelling a fuel or gasoline scent profile. That Supposed to be present.


There’s a 16-day time Gap between Harvest and testing dates. To be fair this sample set on the Shelf waiting for me to get it after I was no longer contagious without any form of moisture control inside the bottle. This Packaging is not N2 packaged yet it does have a wafer seal. This seal minimizes any air flow between the faux wood lid and the glass jar before and after opening SO DONT TRASH YOUR SEAL. It was capable of maintaining proper RH even though I pick this product up later then I would have on a normal basis. Under the microscope the bulbous trichomb heads look fantastic. The Amber ratio is sufficient show this flower reached its peak prior to processing for a 65% indica strain. The lack of trichomb decapitation shows the care it was handled with as it was and trimmed. All premium cannabis should be in my opinion hand trimmed. Amco high opinion on cure of Humboldt company sourced Notorious Thc is a 9 of 10.


According to online sources from Humboldt Seed Company this strain has a heavy terpene profile sometimes but not all the time including myrcene, limonene, alpha pinenne, beta pinenne, linalool, camphene, alpha and beta carrophillene. Covid-19 was not too bad on my taste buds so let’s see what I can recognize. It reveals mostly pinene and myrcene flavors. With my somewhat diminished ability to ascertain one terpene flavor from another due to my illness I feel like I’m cutting this train review minimally. The flavor profiles but I am getting is a smokey Pine and slightly ceder like flavor. Amco high opinion 9 out of 10.


After smoking about .50 of a gram of this flower through a zig zag unbleached 120 mm rolling paper with a borosilicate glass tip. a I received a full body relaxing affect. From this Indica leaning cultivar. My sinuses were vacated by the pinenne the strain carries. Which is widely needed when battling sinus congestion. My nerve pain was reduced about three points my muscle pain was completely relaxed. This strain would be a great suggestion for patients battling pain ,sinus congestion , and depression and possibly other symptoms as well. Amco High opinion of 9 of 10. The THC content of this screen maybe a little too strong for beginning patients I suggest beginners use a CBD tincture in the case of becoming too intoxicated.

How much does your nose know ????? I think A LOT

I was unaware just how much our olfactory systems are key to the processing of terpenes in our body. It’s my hypothesis that when you can’t smell the flowers you can’t fully ingest and get a full use of the essential terpene from the flower. The cannabinoid system processing them I believe just at a lesser rate. After two and a half years this was the hardest review to get through and stand behind due to my inability smell. This symptom I pray passive soon. I apologize to get this review out this late. This flower is no longer available but I couldn’t get the sample till after my quarantine.

Humboldt seed company is well known for bringing varietals with stability, hardy growth with pest and mold resistance allowing cultivations to add less and do less to their crop. Heavy Yields and low maintenance make Humboldt seeds first choice of growers from Coast to Coast. I’d love to see more in Arkansas.

About AMCO_patient_oo7

Little Back ground on my self ,i am a dyslexic medical cannabis patient that has fought threw life for more then 20 years in pain after a string of botched spine surgery .I have been prescribed just about every thing you can think of that is for controlling pain or that the drs thought may have a side effect to help control a symptom caused by 4 failed operations of the spine from Therasic 10 to the Sacrum 1 ,(bout half my spine) that has left me unable to do much of anything sence the failed fusion threw out Lumbar region . I have broken implementation in my spine , im non surgical at the moment tho i need two operations or combo surgery sometimes called , alfit and tlift .surgery on the front of the spine threw my gut and then replacement of instrumentation from the back side the spine as well.So to say i have complex intractable pain is a understatement. From bull toothache type pain radiation form the bones and screws to the nerve pain that shoots from my waist to different location in the rump leg and foot. I have hypersensitivity of the trunk from center line of my back above the spine to midline under my arm.This area of CRPs (complex regional pain syndrome) effects my rear thigh and saddle area at times.I been on a cane most my life and that ruined a shoulder and my ankle on the same side is damaged goods as well. Enough about what hurts for now and lets get into why im exspaling what symptoms i live with and have for over half my life. Pain Management in Arkansas , wow is it a labyrinth at best . I spent so long on opioid care that i was a opioid patient before the term pain management even existed i think. From Fyntinle to tramadol i have had it all one time or another. today im on 240 MME (morphine medical equivalent) less Medications then this time last year yet my condition is deteriorated and continues to daily. I found my self being told to consider implants of computers to shock my spinal cord or pumps to implant in my spine in order to continue to receive opioids control of a life debilitating immobilizing pain that is ever day life for a person whom spine has been cut in half and screwed back together.Over the years i have had to allow my spine to be injected my nerves to be burnt all these procedures that didnt work but had to consent to or not receive you relief for pain.Well the state of arkansas decided that patients could use medical cannabis for a list of symptoms and i am the lucky guy to have more then a couple of those. I hope to answer questions by direct message on the topic of medical use , as best to what my experiences are for all the people of arkasnas whom are on this path cannabis and natural medican s . Many loosing opioid care left no where to turn but to cannabis. I will tell you here from time to time what canna products have helped and have not helped me with my symptoms and maybe it will help educate the masses
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