A Legal Overview of Medical Marijuana in Arkansas

On May 10, 2019, medical marijuana was purchased legally for the first time in Arkansas in Hot Springs. Today, there are over 70,000 active medical marijuana card carriers. Over the past two years, these card carriers have purchased over 36,000 pounds of medical marijuana amounting to approximately 242 million dollars in sales. Despite these significant numbers, many Arkansans remain clueless about medical marijuana, its rules, and the issues it has created.

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Craft Batch #2 Hits Shelves @ HBC Co. & making Kief Discs

Kief is the result of resin glands that contain the terps and cannabinoids that make this plant so unique.

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AMCO Review of Osage cultivated Starkiller bought prepacked

Starekiller is a cross bred Skywalker OG X Rare Dankness #2.Giving this strain a 70% Indica dominate ratio. Its well know for its ability to top upper levels of THC % and a fairly large crop yield. Make this strain a favorite of growers around the country. Lets form a AMCO High Opinion. the trim job is bad.

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AMCO’s Review of High Bank farmed Queen Mother Gogi

This QMG brings a blissful relaxation to calm my anxiety and ease tension. The muscle relaxation isn't too intense after I've ingested half the joint. After investing the full half gram joint, I have sufficient relief of my muscle pain. There is little to no sedation. AMCO's High Opinion of effect is 8 out of 10.

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The Activist Life of Little Rock’s Guidance Moon

Guidance Moon, of Louisiana, is a professional patient advocate based in Little Rock. She is now eligible to work anywhere in Arkansas, as an assistant to a lead cultivator at an entry-level status. She has an Arkansas Medical Card and sought out a cultivation training program. When I met her she advised she had the intention to set herself up for ...

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A Natural State Medicinals Strain Review

Taken at the Mirage Hotel Lt. to Rt. Chris Boucher, Jack Herer, Gary Schoentag, Katrina, Eddie Gordon The “Jack” behind NSM’s recent strain, “Black Jack.” When seated at the blackjack table, the last player to act before the dealer is called the Anchorman.  Black Domina x Jack Herer = Black Jack  Black Domina is a cross of four indica strains, ...

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Free Live Webinar With & – FREE

Live Event Coming Soon!

Learn to make your own cannabis oil, butter, gummies, and chocolates.

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Sour Tangie – NSM – FestyPanda Reviews

An in-depth strain review of Sour Tangie Harvested on 10.28.20 In Arkansas by NSM.

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CannabisExpertMD – Can The State Take My Child Away For Using Medical Cannabis?

CannabisExpertMD - Can The State Take My Child Away For Medical Marijuana?

Welcome to our new series called CannabisExpertLaw, were we will have William Ables discuss legal issues and question's associated with cannabis.

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Amco Quick Review of Scott’s OG

Check out the video , on Scotts og Crumble on my yo dabba dabba You will have to w3atch the video for its over all grades but this product might be used for ptsd symptoms that need calming and for pain symptoms both chronic and acute

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Amco Quick Review on 24k Bold Blue Dream Sugar

Give me 3 minuets of your time to tell you about the 24k Bold Blue Dream Concentrate from my point of view.

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AMCO Abridged Review of Nsm Grown Chiesel

Amco High Opinion abridged addition , Look is a Grade B, Purple and green and amber pistil , Smell is very cheese like with a touch of petrol scent it get an Grade A , Taste gets a grade of a B+ its cheesey and terpy . Cure is a B the denseness is there the tricomes are present and the heads mostly clear and clouded a few amber ones were found on the interior. OVERALL Amco high opinion is a B+ Natural State Meds grown FACEBOOK THIS IS STATE LAWFUL MEDICATION AND OPINION NOT A DAMN NUMBER IN IT .

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