AMCO’s Review of Cherry Gorilla from Green Springs Medicinal farmed by Good Day Farms

This Cherry Gorilla is a beast. The mental euphoria sets me in the top of the Sequouyahs while still melting away the muscle tension and lowered my nerve pain as well. A word to the wise. Even for the seasoned cannabis user, the euphoria is intense. AMCO's High Opinion of the effect is 9 out of 10.

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AMCO Review of Bold Farmed Queen Mother Gogi

I was capable of distraction from pain with this sample.It was not the ptsd aid i feel it was last review.Its bad labeling frustrated me and as the new generation say may have triggered me a lil. The Thc content is 27% so its going to get you intoxicated. However the terps that normally are expected in this strain are just not being found by me. This Queen mom relieved my muscle pain by 2 points. Nerve pain is unaffected directly. Amco High Opinion is 6 of 10.

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Amco Review of Purple Punch Grown by Good Day Farms Sourced at GSM

This is a section of the review this strain shinned like a new penny. The tricombs are not only present, there present on the inside the bud as well as the surface. The trichomes are all mostly clouded with only a few left in the clear. The amber heads on the trichomes give this flower a punch your going to remember. The squeeze test is passed with flying colors as well., Amco High Opinion on the cure of Good Day farms is a 10 of 10. Be nice to know a little more info on there process from the label.

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The Activist Life of Little Rock’s Guidance Moon

Guidance Moon, of Louisiana, is a professional patient advocate based in Little Rock. She is now eligible to work anywhere in Arkansas, as an assistant to a lead cultivator at an entry-level status. She has an Arkansas Medical Card and sought out a cultivation training program. When I met her she advised she had the intention to set herself up for ...

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AMCO’s Review of Bold Farmed Rainmaker

Rainmaker genetics are Critical Skunk x Mandarin Sunset. I found conflicting info on whether it's an Indica leaning or Sativa leaving hybrid. It's labeled at 26% THC and just minimal CBD at 0.0609%. It has a harvest date of 2/8/21 and test date only 15 days later.

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AMCO Review of Bold Grown Stardawg bought from High Bank in the Bluff

After reviewing both the in house version of this strain and the cultivator produced, the in house grown was head and shoulders better than the cultivator product. This is somewhat understandable as the rooms in the cultivation are much larger but so are the budgets. Bold has some catching up to do with this strain. AMCO High Opinion 7.3 of 10

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Sugar Candy Strain Review – Osage Creek – AR Medical

FestyPanda - Strain Review Sugar Candy - Arkansas Strains

In this video, we review Arkansas' Osage Creek Cultivation's, Sugar Candy!

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How the marijuana industry in Arkansas is complicated

Arkansas is Complicated

Marijuana is a drug that is legal in many states, but is now the exact reason thousands of men and women are still locked behind bars in Arkansas.

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AMCO Review of Bold Farmed Green Crack aka Green Cush

This batch of Green Crack is labeled 20.3% THC and the CBD content is O.0219%. I feel like it works more so on my PTSD symptoms then it does for my nerve pain. There is a body effect but its mostly in form of a heat flash and muscle relaxation. Some muscle pain relief was achieved as well as mood adaptations for the PTSD. AMCO gives Green crack a 9 of 10 for effect.

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Newsletter Archives: Endocannabinoid Deficiency

Endocannabinoid System

A recent theory by Dr. Ethan Russo proposes that a medical condition called a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) is behind the development of many common diseases.

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A Natural State Medicinals Strain Review

Taken at the Mirage Hotel Lt. to Rt. Chris Boucher, Jack Herer, Gary Schoentag, Katrina, Eddie Gordon The “Jack” behind NSM’s recent strain, “Black Jack.” When seated at the blackjack table, the last player to act before the dealer is called the Anchorman.  Black Domina x Jack Herer = Black Jack  Black Domina is a cross of four indica strains, ...

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Killer Grape Shatter from Native Green Wellness

Killer Green is from TGA Genetics and is a cross og Querkle and Killer Queen genetics. Osage Creek Turned it in to a concentrate that i think you may be interested in. Hit play and see what i have to say.

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