Amco Quick Review of Osage made Tangilope Dream Budder

Im just guessing this is a mix of Tangilope and Blue Dream but that is a guess. Hit play below lets dig deeper into Amco High Opinion on this video

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Amco Review of Kentucky Bluegrass Farmed by Delta

This strain is a evenly balanced cross of Revolution genetics Huckleberry Kush and Blueberry . Its balanced hybrid genetics are known to carry Alph and Beta Pinenne, Ocimene, Limonene and Myrcene according to online sources.

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AMCO’s Review of Bold’s Lucid Dream Crumble

AMCO's Review of Bold's Lucid Dream Crumble picked up from High Bank after being snowed in for a week.Lucid Dream is a cross of Blue Dream x Amnesia to produce a Sativa dominate flower. It's commonly used to treat pain and anxiety. Bold made a nice crumble concentrate from this strain. Its labeled at 72.8% THC with no CBD

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Learn to make your own cannabis oil, butter, gummies, and chocolates.

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Amco Quick Review of Skywalker Kush by Osage Creek

We give it a grade of A+. The terpens limonenne , myrcenne, linalool pinenne and carryophellen are remarkable.

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AMCO’s Review of 24k Bold QMG Diamonds from High Bank

QMG stands for Queen Mother Gogi, which is an Indica dominate cross of Napali OG x Snow Lotus. This sample is a crystalline consistency, as known as Diamonds. The THC content is labeled at 87.6% with no CBD.

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A Sampling Of Bold Strains

Bold Purple Ice Strain Review

These 3 strains would make a great outlaw name: Atlantic Kush, Purple Ice, Gunslinger. In that order. Atlantic Kush Purple Ice Gunslinger!

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Cannabis Strain Review – Crescendo

Crescendo Strain Review

This lively, indica dominant strain clocks in at a whopping 30% THC. Originally bred by Ethos Genetics, it combines all of the greatest qualities of some of our most revered grandfather strains with cannabanoid profiles of about 35% on average.

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Amco Review of 24k Bold Elite #4 Sugar from High Bank

This Elite #4 flower strain is achieved by crossing Elite Limonette with Gorilla Glue number 4.This makes the flower source a fairly balanced hybrid. This concentrate Sample is labeled at 85.3% Thc and no Cbd content. lets move on to Amco's High Opinion.

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Pineapple Express Strain Review – Osage Creek – FestyPanda Reviews

Grab a bowl and smoke along with FestyPanda as he goes in-depth about Pineapple Express!

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Amco Review of Morris Code by Natural State Meds

This sample was purchased at Green Springs Medicinal in Hot Springs. Morris Code is a strain achieved by crossing Mandarin Jack and Honolulu Choo Choo. Online its listed as an Indica and explains that the name's spelling pays homage to the breeder's friend

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High Bank Cannabis Co. Strain Review: “Rainmaker”

High Bank Cannabis Co. Strain Review

Rainmaker is a thoughtful choice for head cultivator and manager Micah Davidson’s first in-house grow. The effects of this strain, based on its award winning genetics, have a potential for a terpene profile that stands apart in the Arkansas medical cannabis world, as a demonstration of quality consistency. Just as you would expect of your pharmacist.

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