Can California’s Cannabis Industry Survive the Greed?

Former IRS attorney warns of Tsunami of audits

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration announced a sudden increase on wholesale cannabis taxes, effective Jan. 1, 2020. Beginning in the new year, cannabis retailers will need to pay the state’s 15% excise tax on an 80% markup of wholesale product brought into the store. Currently, retailers pay the excise tax on a 60% markup.

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As medical marijuana in Arkansas grows in popularity, program gets criticism

The frustration is easy to understand when, more than 3 years after voters approved medical marijuana, only 14 of the 32 licensed dispensaries are open.

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Amco Review: Mandarin Cookies

Amco Strain Review: Mandarin Cookies

This sample was harvested on 11/25/19 and tested by Steep Hill at a THC level of 17.8% and CBD of .045%. As a rare 70% sativa dominate this strain is a Canna-Cup winner.

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Marijuana is evolving

The marijuana industry is modernizing. With on-demand delivery from Eaze and the ultimate dabbing machine, the Switch by Dr.Dabber. Even vaporizers like the G Pen Gio and DaVinci IQ are catering to consumers' needs.

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CDC: Millions of drivers operating under the influence of marijuana

Marijuana may be legal in Massachusetts, but it’s illegal to drive while high.

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How To Make A Homemade Bong

How to make a homemade bong in less than a few minutes! Video made in 2019.

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Top 8 Stoner Gadgets from Amazon

In this video I'll be showing you the Top 8 Stoner Gadgets from Amazon (MUST HAVE STONER TOOLS).

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Is smoking Marijuana a Sin? by Pastor Steven Anderson

In this MUST SEE CLIP Pastor Steven Anderson explains how smoking Marijuana is a sin!

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How To Clean Your Vape Tank

Learning how to clean your vape tank is important if you wish to prolong its usage time.

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Review: Mazar x White Rhino

Strain Review: Mazar x White Rhino

Mazar x White Rhino cannabis strain by World of Seeds is an 100% pure Indica.

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Can I get a DUI For driving high On marijuana

Can I get a DUI For driving high On marijuana?

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Discouraging Teen MJ Use

How to Discourage Teen Marijuana Use? Views on marijuana are slowly but surely changing, with the increasing use of the substance for medical purposes and growing efforts to decriminalize recreational usage.

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