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Endocannabinoid System

A recent theory by Dr. Ethan Russo proposes that a medical condition called a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) is behind the development of many common diseases.

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A Natural State Medicinals Strain Review

Taken at the Mirage Hotel Lt. to Rt. Chris Boucher, Jack Herer, Gary Schoentag, Katrina, Eddie Gordon The “Jack” behind NSM’s recent strain, “Black Jack.” When seated at the blackjack table, the last player to act before the dealer is called the Anchorman.  Black Domina x Jack Herer = Black Jack  Black Domina is a cross of four indica strains, ...

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Killer Grape Shatter from Native Green Wellness

Killer Green is from TGA Genetics and is a cross og Querkle and Killer Queen genetics. Osage Creek Turned it in to a concentrate that i think you may be interested in. Hit play and see what i have to say.

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Amco Quick Review of Osage made Tangilope Dream Budder

Im just guessing this is a mix of Tangilope and Blue Dream but that is a guess. Hit play below lets dig deeper into Amco High Opinion on this video

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Amco Review of Kentucky Bluegrass Farmed by Delta

This strain is a evenly balanced cross of Revolution genetics Huckleberry Kush and Blueberry . Its balanced hybrid genetics are known to carry Alph and Beta Pinenne, Ocimene, Limonene and Myrcene according to online sources.

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AMCO’s Review of Bold’s Lucid Dream Crumble

AMCO's Review of Bold's Lucid Dream Crumble picked up from High Bank after being snowed in for a week.Lucid Dream is a cross of Blue Dream x Amnesia to produce a Sativa dominate flower. It's commonly used to treat pain and anxiety. Bold made a nice crumble concentrate from this strain. Its labeled at 72.8% THC with no CBD

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Free Live Webinar With & – FREE

Live Event Coming Soon!

Learn to make your own cannabis oil, butter, gummies, and chocolates.

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Amco Quick Review of Skywalker Kush by Osage Creek

We give it a grade of A+. The terpens limonenne , myrcenne, linalool pinenne and carryophellen are remarkable.

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AMCO’s Review of 24k Bold QMG Diamonds from High Bank

QMG stands for Queen Mother Gogi, which is an Indica dominate cross of Napali OG x Snow Lotus. This sample is a crystalline consistency, as known as Diamonds. The THC content is labeled at 87.6% with no CBD.

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A Sampling Of Bold Strains

Bold Purple Ice Strain Review

These 3 strains would make a great outlaw name: Atlantic Kush, Purple Ice, Gunslinger. In that order. Atlantic Kush Purple Ice Gunslinger!

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Cannabis Strain Review – Crescendo

Crescendo Strain Review

This lively, indica dominant strain clocks in at a whopping 30% THC. Originally bred by Ethos Genetics, it combines all of the greatest qualities of some of our most revered grandfather strains with cannabanoid profiles of about 35% on average.

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Amco Review of 24k Bold Elite #4 Sugar from High Bank

This Elite #4 flower strain is achieved by crossing Elite Limonette with Gorilla Glue number 4.This makes the flower source a fairly balanced hybrid. This concentrate Sample is labeled at 85.3% Thc and no Cbd content. lets move on to Amco's High Opinion.

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