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A Natural State Medicinals Strain Review

Taken at the Mirage Hotel Lt. to Rt. Chris Boucher, Jack Herer, Gary Schoentag, Katrina, Eddie Gordon The “Jack” behind NSM’s recent strain, “Black Jack.” When seated at the blackjack table, the last player to act before the dealer is called the Anchorman.  Black Domina x Jack Herer = Black Jack  Black Domina is a cross of four indica strains, ...

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Killer Grape Shatter from Native Green Wellness

Killer Green is from TGA Genetics and is a cross og Querkle and Killer Queen genetics. Osage Creek Turned it in to a concentrate that i think you may be interested in. Hit play and see what i have to say.

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Osage Creek Cultivation Strain Review

Review of Osage's Cluster Bomb

I love my indica-dominant decompression with a sharp boost of creative mental clarity. Cluster Bomb is bred by Bomb Seeds, and Cinderella 99 is where that tiny punch of clarity peeks through.

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AMCO’s Review of Delta Grown Miami Punch II Packaged By Suite 443

The effect gets a 10 out of 10! This strain is the bee's knees! I found it to be very euphoric, almost at a dab level equipped with the heat rush and all. Muscle relaxation and the warmth from the heat rush are the only body effect I got. The distraction is the starring effect from this sample. I got a release from the grip of PTSD and anxiety along with lessened nerve pain.

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Double Stuffed Shorbet

This product is made from a stain achieved by crossing Do-si-Dos X Sorbet cross. It is listed at 70% Indica dominate. The packing says its 71% THC. Amco High Opinion is that its great for distraction from pain and it didn't taste or smell as i expected but im pleased and would repurchases this.We will give it a grade of B on the effect for pain and ptsd.

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Stardawg- Bold Cultivation Medical Marijuana Review -Arkansas Cannabis

Stardawg - By Bold Cultivation

Arkansas Cannabis reviews Stardawg by Bold Cultivation. This review is intended for Arkansas MMJ Patients or those who are 21+ and recreational users. Please check your local laws before consuming cannabis!

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Amco Quickie Review 24k S Guava By Bold

We don't own music rights the video is playing in the back ground is owned by prize krizz kaliko the patient on the video is medicating for PTSD pain and a list of other medical conditions may still do a long form review on this I'm not sure yet but here a video of the reaction my symptoms have to this fine medication .I give the look A it's starting form thc crystals on the jar under magnification smell A+ Limonene ,myrcene ,heavy .Taste the Affect is not real calming but super head centered with a large reduction of nerve pain from my nephropathy. .

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AMCO’s Review of Revolution Cannabis’s Kentucky Bluegrass bought at High Bank

This purple pre-packed glass jar is lab is labeled 16.5 THC with no CBD and a harvest date of September 25th and test date of October 28th. The strain gets its genetics from Bluegrass x Huckleberry Kush. There's not much info from the QR code. I had been excited when the terp report had popped up from previous packages but this one and the past few did not have this info.

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Scott’s OG Review MMJ-Arkansas Cannabis

Arkansas Cannabis Review of Scott's OG MMJ-Arkansas Cannabis

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AMCO’s Review of Purple Sunset by Natural State Medicinal

The effect rates 7 out of 10. Although my nose and sinuses didn't like this strain, my pain symptoms are well controlled by it. Muscle relaxation was achieved without a lot of mental intoxication. I didn't get much stress relief or depression relief in this half gram sample. But for a daytime med, its nice. I followed it with a dab to get me thru the day.

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AMCO’s Review of Sun King OG by Revolution aka Delta

The cure rates 9 out of 10. The squeeze test is passed with flying colors. Under magnification the tricomb heads seem to be mostly present. I wouldn't say they are all fully opaque but I would guess that 90% are. About a quarter of these are starting to turn amber. There is a 33 day cure on this strain.

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AMCO Medical Review of the Ooze Slugger Dabbing Dug out

Overall in AMCO's High Opinion Ooze's Dabbing Dugout rates 9.25. You can go to www.oozelife.com/420AMCO and use promo code 420AMCO to get 10% off your purchase. Also if you post a pic of a real colored Ooze product and use the hashtag #noshaveoozevember to enter in a give away from Ooze. They are also donating the proceeds from all of their teal products to No-shave.org

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