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West Little Rock getting its 1st medical marijuana dispensary

Good Day Farm plans to have its new location open on November 1.

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Amco First Visit to Hash&Co Pine Bluff Arkansas

I been in many dispensary where it felt like any shopping transaction you would have on any regular day. That is hard to stop from happening too with the kinda numbers of patients that move threw a dispensary in a state that is throttled the access points for lawful cannabis. So Far Hash&Co set the bar for friendliness. I'm a talker If you look and me and dont speak well that not customer service and that didn't happen here , Insert DAD joke here......... Like Arnold .."I'll Be Back"

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Why does Oklahoma have more medical marijuana dispensaries than Arkansas?

It's been nearly two years since the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Arkansas. Sales recently topped $330 million.

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AMCO Review of NSM’s Lemon Diesel X The Ox purchased from Green Springs

In conclusion, this mixture feels heavy on The Ox even though I tasted fuel on the dry hit. This sample had more of a calm slow ride thru gentle hills. I don't feel this is a good pain med but would benefit anxiety patients. This comes to a total average of 8.5 on the Amco high opinion.

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Season 5, Episode 4: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Let's Talk About Mental Health (and cannabis)

Season 5, Episode 4: Lets Talk About Mental Health - Join Wendy Love Edge & Christopher Miles as they discuss their journey with mental health as well as how cannabis has impacted their live's.

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Kentucky Bluegrass – Delta Cannabis co. – Arkansas Marijuana Review -The420guy – Arkansas Weed

A review of cannabis grew by delta cannabis co.who learned from revolution cannabis. This is medical marijuana / weed grown legally licensed Arkansas cultivators review by the 420 guy.

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AMCO Review of Black Jack Farmed by Natural State Madicinals

I find this strain is able to relieve my muscle pain by a point. It also reduced my PTSD symptoms by 3 or more points this morning. I was a ball of nerves and half way through the joint, they seem to calm rapidly. My negative attitude turned around by curbing the worry that is so prevalent in my mind. AMCO High Opinion of 10 of 10.

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How the marijuana industry in Arkansas is complicated

Arkansas is Complicated

Marijuana is a drug that is legal in many states, but is now the exact reason thousands of men and women are still locked behind bars in Arkansas.

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Newsletter Archives: Endocannabinoid Deficiency

Endocannabinoid System

A recent theory by Dr. Ethan Russo proposes that a medical condition called a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) is behind the development of many common diseases.

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A Natural State Medicinals Strain Review

Taken at the Mirage Hotel Lt. to Rt. Chris Boucher, Jack Herer, Gary Schoentag, Katrina, Eddie Gordon The “Jack” behind NSM’s recent strain, “Black Jack.” When seated at the blackjack table, the last player to act before the dealer is called the Anchorman.  Black Domina x Jack Herer = Black Jack  Black Domina is a cross of four indica strains, ...

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Killer Grape Shatter from Native Green Wellness

Killer Green is from TGA Genetics and is a cross og Querkle and Killer Queen genetics. Osage Creek Turned it in to a concentrate that i think you may be interested in. Hit play and see what i have to say.

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AMCO’s Review of Delta Grown Miami Punch II Packaged By Suite 443

The effect gets a 10 out of 10! This strain is the bee's knees! I found it to be very euphoric, almost at a dab level equipped with the heat rush and all. Muscle relaxation and the warmth from the heat rush are the only body effect I got. The distraction is the starring effect from this sample. I got a release from the grip of PTSD and anxiety along with lessened nerve pain.

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