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Amco Review of Scarlet Queen Live Resin

I was able to achieve some nerve pain relief. I find it not so good at the PTSD mood swings or the stress relieving I look for in a dab some times. This Scarlet Queen Live Resin is great product for nerve pain and/or nephropathy

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AMCO’s Review of Bold produced Purple Punch Sugar purchased at High Bank in Pine Bluff

The effect rates 9 out of 10. I went to bed early the night before due to pain and woke up at 4:30 this morning in pain. My normal nerve and muscle pain maybe compounded by the weather change. I would say currently I'm at a high 8 or 9 on the pain scale. I spooned out a dab the size of two grains of rice onto the glass dish of the Ooze Slugger Dugout. After heating the nail and ingesting the dose, 10 minutes later my pain is greatly reduced by the concentrate. My nerve pain is still the highest at a low 7. Muscle pain is at 5 and chronic pain is at 6.

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User Review: Blue Acid OG

Blue Acid Wax Review

Route Administered: Dab THC: 80.4% Blue Acid OG (Blue Dream X Acid OG) come together in this tasty sugar from Bold Team. Smell: Very rich Lemon Citrusy.Flavor from dab on quarts banger: Taste like a Leamonhead right off bat then slowly works towards a lemons and dill flavor.High: Buckle up Super heavy energy slash focus! Not for you average smoker ...

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Dabbing 101

In this video, G-Man will show you how to smoke your very first dab.

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Amco Reviews: 24k Bold Ban Cookie Sugar

Amco Reviews

24k Ban Cookies (Sugar) is a concentrate from Bold that has a 81% THC content. I'm gonna go out on a ledge and guess that this is a cross of Banana hammock x Cookies.

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