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Amco Medical Review of High Bank Farmed Notorious THC

The terpenes on this strain are very vibrant. A sour grapefruit type scent backed with a chemical like fragrance that smells a little bit like lavender and nail polish. There is an earthy grounded sent that I believe is myrcene. This strain is sometimes known to carry a camphene terpene profile however I'm not picking that up.The Pinenne may be hiding it . Amco high opinion 9 out of 10.

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AMCO’s Review of High Bank’s House Grown Cookies and Chem

The body effect is spectacular! I got a full body heat rush off the first inch of the half gram joint. After taking a few breaks, I have only ingested 50% of the joint. I have muscle pain relief of 5 points and nerve pain relief of 4 points on the pain scale. Be warned, the coughing did elevate my blood pressure a bit, so you may hear some ear ringing also. The mental euphoria is so strong you might have to collect yourself to do simple tasks that you usually are able to do while medicated. AMCO's High Opinion of the cure is 10 out of 10.

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Amco Review of 24k Bold Elite #4 Sugar from High Bank

This Elite #4 flower strain is achieved by crossing Elite Limonette with Gorilla Glue number 4.This makes the flower source a fairly balanced hybrid. This concentrate Sample is labeled at 85.3% Thc and no Cbd content. lets move on to Amco's High Opinion.

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24k Bold Purple Ice Budder from High bank Quick reiview

Amco Quick Review of 24k Bold Purple Ice Budder from High Bank in Pine Bluff And how i think it helps my symptoms of ptsd and crps and chronic pain.

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Arkansas Cannabis Prices Too High?

Are Arkansas Cannabis Prices Too High? (Pun Intended)

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Amco Product Review: Ooze Bowser 2 in 1 Glass Pipe

Amco Product Review: Ooze Glass Pipe

Today we discuss the #Oozelife a little more with the review of Ooze Bowser Silicone Glass Pipe. It comes in 6 color options for $14.99 plus tax at the Ooze website.

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Can I get a DUI For driving high On marijuana

Can I get a DUI For driving high On marijuana?

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Get High For Free

Want to get high for free? I’ve got a secret for you... it really does work.

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Watch Grandparents Get High For The First Time

Watch people experience the joy of cannabis for the first time! Comedian and veteran cannabis connoisseur Mike Glazer (BuzzFeed High Guys) guides guests as they explore a new experience, discuss why they've never tried cannabis before, and why they chose to do so now.

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