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AMCO’s Review of Bold produced Purple Punch Sugar purchased at High Bank in Pine Bluff

The effect rates 9 out of 10. I went to bed early the night before due to pain and woke up at 4:30 this morning in pain. My normal nerve and muscle pain maybe compounded by the weather change. I would say currently I'm at a high 8 or 9 on the pain scale. I spooned out a dab the size of two grains of rice onto the glass dish of the Ooze Slugger Dugout. After heating the nail and ingesting the dose, 10 minutes later my pain is greatly reduced by the concentrate. My nerve pain is still the highest at a low 7. Muscle pain is at 5 and chronic pain is at 6.

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No Tolerance For Tolerance

Dealing With Cannabis / Marijuana Tolerance

A common problem many cannabis patients have is becoming tolerant to their cannabis medication.

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How to Get Away With Smoking Weed at Music Festivals

Subscribe to the MERRY JANE Newsletter for the latest video release and everything cannabis: https://goo.gl/Yc7jSN Summertime is on the horizon, and that means music festival season is about to pop off. While you might be under the impression that most festivals will let you smoke up like it was Woodstock ‘69, sorry to break it to you—that’s not the case ...

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Coronavirus: Risks for people who smoke and vape, the latest about testing and more

Coronavirus - Risks for people who vape & smoke, the latest about testing and more.

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Smokers have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19

Early studies found the mortality from COVID-19 among smokers is about 9 percent, compared to 4 percent among non-smokers, officials say.

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Feature Local Product: SGT. PETERS

Featured Local Product: SGT PETERS

SGT PETERS is a local pipe maker located in Arkansas! He reached out to Ark420 to show us his products and we fell in love and thought "what a wonderful idea!".

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Does Cannabis Cause Lung Cancer?

Does smoking cannabis cause lung cancer?

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Did you know this about weed? if you smoke, must watch

A short and informative video about marijuana...

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Alternative Smoking Herbs

Smoke it if you got it! On this episode of the 420 Science Club Gary and Brandon load their pipe with some other kinds of herbs.

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Marijuana 101 Pt1: Reasons you cough when you smoke Weed.

Have you ever wondered why you cough when you smoke weed? Here is a list of reasons why.

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How to Make a Glass Hookah Simple DIY

Numerous requests to make a simple but effective hookah without using a large number of tools, came the idea to make a glass hookah.

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My FIRST Time Smoking Weed

This is the story about the first time Cewpins got high.

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