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Dream Catcher – Bold Cultivation -Arkansas Medical Marijuana Review(The420Guy)

Today ill Be reviewing Dream catcher grown by bold cultivation.

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Amco Quick Review of Osage Killer Grape Shatter from Native Green Wellness

Killer Green is from TGA Genetics and is a cross og Querkle and Killer Queen genetics. Osage Creek Turned it in to a concentrate that i think you may be interested in. Hit play and see what i have to say.

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Osage Creek Cultivation Strain Review

Review of Osage's Cluster Bomb

I love my indica-dominant decompression with a sharp boost of creative mental clarity. Cluster Bomb is bred by Bomb Seeds, and Cinderella 99 is where that tiny punch of clarity peeks through.

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Sour Tangie – NSM – FestyPanda Reviews

An in-depth strain review of Sour Tangie Harvested on 10.28.20 In Arkansas by NSM.

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Stardawg- Bold Cultivation Medical Marijuana Review -Arkansas Cannabis

Stardawg - By Bold Cultivation

Arkansas Cannabis reviews Stardawg by Bold Cultivation. This review is intended for Arkansas MMJ Patients or those who are 21+ and recreational users. Please check your local laws before consuming cannabis!

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AMCO’s Review of Purple Sunset by Natural State Medicinal

The effect rates 7 out of 10. Although my nose and sinuses didn't like this strain, my pain symptoms are well controlled by it. Muscle relaxation was achieved without a lot of mental intoxication. I didn't get much stress relief or depression relief in this half gram sample. But for a daytime med, its nice. I followed it with a dab to get me thru the day.

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AMCO’s Review of Sun King OG by Revolution aka Delta

The cure rates 9 out of 10. The squeeze test is passed with flying colors. Under magnification the tricomb heads seem to be mostly present. I wouldn't say they are all fully opaque but I would guess that 90% are. About a quarter of these are starting to turn amber. There is a 33 day cure on this strain.

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AMCO’s Review of Natural State Medicinal’s Glue Ball from High Bank Cannabis Company

The effect rates 8.5 out of 10. The effect is cerebral but there is a body effect that seems to come and go. I find it strange. This sample is effective for muscle relaxation more so than nerve pain

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AMCO’s Review of Osage Creek Cultivation farmed Pineapple Express

The effect rates 9 out of 10. This well balanced hybrid has an effect that would impress even those who perfect the pure Indica or Sativa of land race strains. There is an intense euphoria and helicopter head high, but also an Indica muscle relaxation and nerve reduction. It's not a large reduction of pain but its defiantly there. Here at AMCO, I'm not a big hybrid fan, but this one is effective!

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Amco Review of Suit 443 grown Stardawg

This stardawg hit me like a indica. I didnt get the normal sativa up all night energetic euphoria.I did get a mild muscle relaxation and some nephropathy nerve pain relief. The head high is intense. I even put the joint out more then once. Suit 443 has a fire flower here that is getting better each crop. Amco High Opinion of 9 out 10.

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Amco Review of OG Kush farmed by NSM picked up at Green Springs

I rolled a half gram of flower in an OCB Virgin paper. With the dry hit I tasted notes of fuel and skunk. Once I fire it up, the berry notes and gas flavors are present. It has strong pepper notes of Caryophyllene as well. Its a flavor of the 90s that I like all too well, rating a perfect 10 for the taste.

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Amco Review of Black Cherry Og by NSM in N2 pack

Black Cherry Og has more Amber tricombes then any other sample i have reviewed thus far.Id lean tword the 30% Amber ratio, if i had to guess .I also notice the harvest date of 7/27 and the test date 8/17 so there putting a little longer cure on this strain then last review of this strain.The cure is a solid 10 of 10.

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