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AMCO’s Review of House Grown Rainmaker by High Bank ~

The effect is a 10! This may be one of the most effective Sativa dominate hybrid I have sampled for pain! I found it has some Indica like body effect to it as well. It didn't give an anxiety or paranoia effect in small doses. In a larger dose it became sedative and more of physical pain reliever. My pain was greatly reduced by the half gram joint, nerve pain lowered by 2 points and chronic pain by 3 points.

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AMCO’s Review of Revolution Cannabis’s Kentucky Bluegrass bought at High Bank

This purple pre-packed glass jar is lab is labeled 16.5 THC with no CBD and a harvest date of September 25th and test date of October 28th. The strain gets its genetics from Bluegrass x Huckleberry Kush. There's not much info from the QR code. I had been excited when the terp report had popped up from previous packages but this one and the past few did not have this info.

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AMCO’s Review of Purple Sunset by Natural State Medicinal

The effect rates 7 out of 10. Although my nose and sinuses didn't like this strain, my pain symptoms are well controlled by it. Muscle relaxation was achieved without a lot of mental intoxication. I didn't get much stress relief or depression relief in this half gram sample. But for a daytime med, its nice. I followed it with a dab to get me thru the day.

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AMCO’s Review of Natural State Medicinal’s Glue Ball from High Bank Cannabis Company

The effect rates 8.5 out of 10. The effect is cerebral but there is a body effect that seems to come and go. I find it strange. This sample is effective for muscle relaxation more so than nerve pain

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AMCO’s First Experience with High Bank, Pine Bluff’s Premier Dispensary

For the grand opening in addition to the gift of a shirt or hat of your choice they offered everyone 10% off everything in store! Most products were packaged and displayed like their sister store, Suite 443, but the color scheme and logos are a little different. The High Bank logo is reminiscent of a Fortune 500 company or professional sports team

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Review: Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle by Delta - Arkansas Strain Reviews

This is the first time trying Revolution Cannabis grown by Delta Medical and I am highly impressed with this medicine.

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Killing Cancer Simply Put by a Biochemist

Killing Cancer With THC by a Biochemist

When THC connects to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell, it induces an increase in ceramide synthesis that leads to cell death. A normal cell does not produce ceramide when it is near THC; therefore it is not affected by the cannabinoid.

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AMCO’s Review of Bold made Purple Sunset Sugar Concentrate

~ The look rates 9 out of 10. I first noticed the new glass container. It has a white lid for the half gram sample and a rounded bottom edge. The inner liner has a better non stick coating, possibly silicone, that prevented the product from adhering to the bottom of the lid. The sugar itself is a beautiful root beer color and is a nice chunky consistency

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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Cards will EXPIRE in September!

Let's Talk Cannabis LMC covers a range of issues involving cannabis like branding, marketing, business, investing and much, much more. We upload videos daily!

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AMCO’s Review of Sugar Black Rose

~ The effect rates 7 out of 10. The classic Indica heavy body effect is present. I got muscle relaxation and a drastically lowered pain scale. The nerve pain is reduced from an 8 to a 6. I'm impressed, however the euphoria is not inebriating and the longevity was not optional. I think I would prefer it in a concentrate.

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Newsletter Archive: Dental Health – Sinking Your Teeth Into Cannabis

Dental Health and Cannabis

By now you have probably heard a hundred potential benefits associated with using cannabis medication.

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DEA Finally Agrees To Use Professionally Grown Marijuana For Their Research

The government’s stance on marijuana has always been laughably misguided and severely uneducated. For one reason or another, these moronic elected officials don’t know the first thing about cannabis, and its wealth of positive, medicinal benefits.

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