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Ironic Arkansas Hemp Laws

Arkansas Hemp Laws

Did you know that Arkansas laws regarding the possession of hemp within our state prohibits anyone without a hemp license from even possessing the raw or dried plant material?

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Amco Review of 24k G Luscious Terpene Sugar

Read the latest review by Amco on 24k Gold Luscious Terpene Sugar by Bold Cultivation

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Amco Medical Review of Atlantic Purchase to Suite 443

Amco overall High Opinion on Atlantic Kush by bold I picked up at suite 443 is the average of 7.4 out of 10. The throat burn on this sample and the loose trim hurt it's score. However I've decided I personally just don't seem like the strain do to the burn. I found i mentioned in multiple reviews of this strain.

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West Little Rock getting its 1st medical marijuana dispensary

Good Day Farm plans to have its new location open on November 1.

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Delta 8 Thc Vs Delta 9 Thc – Delta 8 Thc Legal States

This video is showing delta 8 thc vs delta 9 thc topic valuable information

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Amco Video Review of Bold Ecto Cooler From “The Treatment” in Pine Bluff

A medical terpene break down on Ecto-Cooler By Bold, along with properties of a terpene most have never heard of...

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AMCO Review of Bold Elite #4 from Highbank in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

AMCO's high opinion on Elite number 4 by bold is an average of 9 of 10. This has a powerful terpene profile for patients who's in need of control for pain, PTSD and mood stabilization. The high THC content may be a little much for patients with a low THC toleration. If that is an issue, you may cut the dose two to one or one to one portions with a CBD flower.

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Amco First Visit to Hash&Co Pine Bluff Arkansas

I been in many dispensary where it felt like any shopping transaction you would have on any regular day. That is hard to stop from happening too with the kinda numbers of patients that move threw a dispensary in a state that is throttled the access points for lawful cannabis. So Far Hash&Co set the bar for friendliness. I'm a talker If you look and me and dont speak well that not customer service and that didn't happen here , Insert DAD joke here......... Like Arnold .."I'll Be Back"

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Amco First Experience at The Treatment

The pleasure of being patient number 1 for this dispensary is all mine . I couldn't been treated with better customer service. Thay have a cool vibe that i haven't seen in a dispensary yet. Its pretty obvious they were going for a vibe different then the upscale phone store or high priced coffee shop look that many dispensary resemble.

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Dream Catcher – Bold Cultivation -Arkansas Medical Marijuana Review(The420Guy)

Today ill Be reviewing Dream catcher grown by bold cultivation.

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Why does Oklahoma have more medical marijuana dispensaries than Arkansas?

It's been nearly two years since the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Arkansas. Sales recently topped $330 million.

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Price War On The Horizon In Central Arkansas Cannabis Market

Pine Bluff is getting not one but 2 more dispensary creating a lot of state taxed cannabis for access in a small area and this is going to make for a price war at the cash register. The Treatment , Hash&Co, High Bank are in there corners who going to win? THE PATIENTS

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